How Setting Up Web Config Transformation Files can Save you Time and Avoid Deployment Mistakes.

12 Mar

So let’s be honest, even if no one ever noticed because we caught it before the damage was done, We have all deployed a site with the developement connection string still in place. This and things like it happen when you manually set up your web config. Well heres the answer to things like that —

So what is Web Configuration Transformation, for those who don’t want to click yet I will explain. Transformation is a addon item to your web config file that allows you to declare items to be replaced based on the compilation type you set in your build type drop box at the top of your VS(Visusal Studio) IDE. So if I build in Release mode then the Web.Release.Config transformation file kicks in and replaces the values I told it to, in most cases for me this deals with connection strings to databases and names/addresses for web services. This is handy because you can include it in the svn check out and everyone has it so no more pesky ooops I forgot to change my connections just do it once, maintain it, and bam you sir are good to go.

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Posted by on March 12, 2012 in ASP.Net, C#, C# for Beginners


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