Use “LIKE()” Operation for Entity Frame Work (yes it is possible)

09 Jul

Alright so this is a tie in with the previous post but is still separate. I will get to that in the next post. So linq to entities was nice enough not to give us a true like operator like in linq to sql and if you use the linq to sql it throws a error and does not work against entities. So i needed a way and I found one but catch is it only works out of the box with mssql and for now we will stick with that. Sorry if you use oracle and the like suck to be there at the moment.

So here you go I have created a instance of a ObjectQuery and now I am adding on my filters for final execution and in this one I need to return a name with wild cards in place of spaces and special characters

vb .net

            Dim searchname As String = String.Format("%{0}%", replaceSpecialCharactersWith(TextBoxName.Text, "%"))
            entity = From client In entity.AsQueryable Where System.Data.Objects.SqlClient.SqlFunctions.PatIndex(searchname, client.Name) > 0 


            string searchname = string.Format("%{0}%", replaceSpecialCharactersWith(TextBoxName.Text, "%"));
            entity = from client in entity.AsQueryablewhere System.Data.Objects.SqlClient.SqlFunctions.PatIndex(searchname, client.Name) > 0;

as you can see it uses the patindex function method from sql this along with deffered execution will allow you to do likes and then combine with the Or operator and you are good to go. Looking at the trace also it only tacked on a where calling the function so not much of a performance hit eithier. So using the code method below and this = automatic like on full name fields from a single textbox search :).

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