Meet The Author

Where to begin. I always feel unusual writing about my self. Lets start with the desire to do what I do. I have always been the kid/man people called upon when the computer quit working. Weather I was in school or with friends in my time in the military I was the guy you called when things went crazy with your computer. Computers have always been my thing. I never received any real training in them they just sort of made sense. This love of all things electronic made me want to program but there was a big issue in the way everyone wanted college and I couldn’t afford it yet.

So I picked up some books worked really hard and stayed in IRC rooms. Toiling after working menial jobs all day I learned the concepts of logic and design with vb6/Lavishscript .I applied to job after job and eventually landed one with a company that gave me my first taste of programming and trained me in the ways of T-SQL. I owe my career to that company and a man named  John Cundiff who took a chance on a young man with alot of enthusiasm and hunger but no experience. So now after free lancing and working my way deeper into the kung-fu of .net here I am.

If you wish to know more about me or my work experience throw me a email at Alex Seabrooks.<a


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